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7 Computer Games That Teach Reading

Children love to play computer games and don't like to study — that's a fact. Parents still try to download educational games to their children's tablets. First, the children, of course, play them, but soon, they become bored. Therefore, if you couldn’t tear your child away from the computer, slip them something exciting but with cognitive elements, for example, teaching reading.

Glutton Caterpillars

The little caterpillar dreams of becoming a beautiful butterfly, but for this, she needs to eat right. First, you need to feed her with leaves with the letter ‘A,’ then with the letter ‘O,’ etc. Then, a miracle will happen – the caterpillar will turn into a butterfly, and the child will learn all the letters!

Sleeping Beauty

This is not a simple game but a magical one. It turns absolutely all non-reading kids into readers. Age does not matter. It will be useful both for kids of two years old and for older children. It will not only teach them to read but will help to develop the skill of confident, fast, and meaningful reading.


The child will play as a Neanderthal named Ungh, who has to go on a journey full of interesting adventures to get fire for the village. During the journey, he will have to solve riddles of varying complexity and pass tests, developing mindfulness and logical thinking.

There is no voice acting: all information comes in the form of letters and cryptography – this will help the child recognize characters and learn how to read quickly.

Online Reading Game Chipo

It is a reading simulator for kids up to 7 years old. This fascinating game will not let the kid get bored and increase their interest in reading. The educational online game will help to read:

Cheerful Little Train

The game can give a child who is just starting to learn to read the opportunity in a playful way to first write and then read dozens, hundreds of words of different syllabic structures. To do this, a kid just needs to click the ‘Start the Game’ button, and the cheerful train is ready to go on a journey with the child. A fox? Great, but for the train to set off, you need to write this word.

Doman Cards Online

This game uses the technique of Glen Doman based on the principle of reading words in their entirety.

About 1,000 cards with words are included in this game. All you need is to look through word cards three times a day. The game itself remembers how many times you have already viewed the cards and offers the necessary set for viewing. Each day is divided into three lessons, during which, the same cards are shown. The next day, the game itself will make the necessary update of the words.

The Talking Books

There is a selection of unique books with beautiful illustrations and fun, educational stories to develop reading skills. They are perfect for the transition from reading words and sentences to serious literature.