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Many talented composers create music that is then used for video gaming. No wonder it is as impressive as world hits. Soundtracks can be melodic and calm, aggressive and danceable, with or without vocals – everyone will find something suitable. Here is presented the selection of 10 soundtracks that are worth listening to even for those who are not familiar with all these games.

Super Meat Boy

In this game, there is a light and dark option for each level. The music reflects these differences. For light, you will hear a more pleasant melody, while for dark, there will be a distorted remix. The melodies create an atmosphere of suspense keeping you focused on your goals.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

This one belongs to the traditional franchises. The melodies are quite bright and contain fantasy elements according to the place that you see. This provides energetic gameplay, and such great background is very popular.


This game is about Gomez who discovers that everything around him is not two-dimensional but three-dimensional instead. The electronic music is highly dynamic and really positive. If you want to cheer up and improve your mood, it is a good choice.


This wandering and exploration game utilizes the background melodies that are well-known to players. The melodies provide a stunning backdrop for all that happens inside the game. Even movies are not always competitive with this OST!


In this game, you will be able to control time, and the music corresponds to this. Unlike other options that we see on the market, this piece was not created together. The creators used licensed melodies that correspond to the plot. Even if you haven’t heard about this one, listen to it, and you will not be disappointed.

Super Smash Bros

In this case, music from different other games was utilized. The latest one consist of 15 hours of incredible melodies, including remixes and originals of music that is loved by gamers. The OST is diverse, so it is an easy way to find new enjoyable music that might become your favorite.


The creator acted as a whole team and created not only the game but the melodies as well. The latter ones are real masterpieces with different lovely tunes. Only keep in mind that titles can give you the information about the plot.

Secret of Mana

This one is a bit unusual. It has an action-based combat system as well as a convenient three-player mode. As for the used melodies, they are generally classical but represent some of the best among similar melodies.

Super Mario Odyssey

This popular option has a wonderful soundtrack, and different locations offer great tracks. From irresistible songs to epic orchestral versions – there are the melodies that will be popular forever.

Metroid Prime

The game can make one feel alone inside the plot, and the tune is important for that. From dark background images to great battles, these melodies will prepare you for action.

Enjoy not only the game but also the tunes – they are incredible.