Monsters Waiting

We’re currently hiring a team of dentists to take on the dangerous, and sometimes distasteful, task of fixing monster teeth. Only the brave of heart and nimble of tool need apply, as you’ll be challenged with performing a variety of dental feats within a tight time constraint. If you’ve always dreamed of amateur dentistry as a hobby, Monster Mouth is your game. Each monster has its own unique problems and challenges, so get ready to dodge everything from flying bats spreading plaque to unruly loot-coveting dwarves hiding out in cavities. Now start practicing those brushstrokes!

Pro Tips

  • Brush while you’re bombing! While waiting for the bomb to explode on a cracked tooth, brush away at pesky plaque on the other teeth!
  • Save time brushing on the Dragon by scraping plaque off those teeth as much as you can before the Dragon breathes fire! The more clean teeth you have at the start, the less cleaning you have to do afterward!
  • Smack those bats down quickly! Everyone know bats cause plaque…so get them outta there before they can add to your workload on the Stone Giant!
  • Yeti Fact of the Day: They hate fire. Be careful with that blowtorch or you could bring some serious Yeti pain.
  • Blowtorches are good…but bombs are better. The blowtorch will melt frozen teeth but you can shave off a few seconds by using the bomb to crack them up first!
  • Blow those ghosts away! Use the fan to push away pesky ghosts that cause your teeth to disappear into the mists.


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“A game with great personality. The design on the monsters is truly funny and endearing. You can’t help but feel bad for these baddies”

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“Monster Mouth DDS is a great game and players will have a wonderful time caring for these monsters.”

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“Looking for a take on Amateur Surgeon that's a lot less bloody? In this kid-friendly dental sim, you have to help King Kong & Godzilla”

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“If you dream of being a dentist, or at the very least, enjoy quirky iPhone and iPad games, Monster Mouth DDS comes recommended”

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