Dragon Skies

As a promising young viking dragon trainer, you’ll hatch, raise, train, race and breed your very own flap-happy dragons. Every viking dreams of being the best dragon trainer in all the land, and this is your chance. Show what you’ve got by training the fastest, most graceful and talented racers in the entire Viking Kingdom. Breed your top racers to acquire rare dragons. Put your dragons’ prowess on display in front of cheering crowds at the grand coliseum.

Dragon Skies is free to download and play, however, items and in-game currency can be purchased for real money. If you do not want to make in-app purchases, please disable them via your device settings.

Another Note:
Dragon Skies requires retina display to run. Dragon Skies cannot be played on iPhone 3GS, iPad1 or iPod 3rd and 4th generation and earlier. We have no current plans to add support for these devices.

Features Include:

  • Acquire and hatch a large variety of dragon eggs
  • Build and maintain a variety of stables to keep your dragons happy
  • Build special buildings to help unlock mighty dragons
  • Breed your best racers to create unique and rare dragons
  • Connect with Facebook friends to share awesome gifts
  • Make it to the big time to race in front of screaming fans


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"The art style in Dragon Skies is downright cartoony and can’t help but put a smile on your face. Baby dragons in diapers? Cuteness overload right there."

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"Dragon Skies is addictive and the game play is quite imaginative. The flying mini-game is sure to keep players excited..."

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"The racing mini-game is absolutely the best dragon mini-game in any dragon breeding game till date."

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